I Was Electrocuted Seven Times and Now I Can See the Future

by Jesse and Forever

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Golden Roses 01:48
All the golden roses of the night That you hold to you so tight And from here beyond the screen I’m blistering with delight Pick a book off the shelf See your life all spelt out And the way Jobim sings I’m still trying to understand
Porch Song 03:01
If you can make them sing And forget everything Then they’ll you love evermore Cuz you showed them what it means To be free and on your own Flying high up in the air When you haven’t come down yet That’s when you’re found
SSYNSS 02:42
Well her hair is in your face And your heart is in the air And she says your name so soft It’ll never be the same again Again I don’t know You could just help yourself along If you’d just have a talk with god
What you need What you wanna be If you wanna be free, that’s alright too We can talk on another day, on another lever Just call my number, it’ll be the same 831.425.0782 You know what to do, I’ll be waiting for you
I held you so tight That I thought you were dead I stuck my finger in an electric head But when I came to You were staring at me I wanted to ask Do you like what you see? She’s up all night So I wrote you a poem She’s dyed her hair red And she’s finally been home She’s up on craigslist Think she’s found a new home She’s up on craigslist Think she’s found a new Her daddy picked her up In his SUV We shook hands And then let go She’s back for a while Back in New York, Queens She’s trying on old clothes Yeah she’s trying on old
Smoke Weed 02:54
When you came here years ago You didn’t know You’d come here everyday You’d come here everyday From the Santa Cruz Bay To the Brooklyn concrete cage You change But you stay the same Yeah you stay the same You’ve finally let your guard down And a sweet light shines Yeah a sweet light shines I was in California And the folks were getting old I’m in New York and it’s getting cold I’m with the little ones trying to keep them calm I’m on the floor rubbing your shoulders When the electricity comes on I smoke weed while you do the dishes Your friend comes down so put on some pants She is lonely she needs some romance I say I’ve got a couple friends if she’s wants To give them a chance Everybody needs a chance Everybody needs a chance
Victoria 02:53
Don't let dreams get in the way Of the things you'd like to do today There's no time to waste away Victoria From your mothers balcony  You can see across the sea But you can't - You can't see me Go downstairs And out the door Your old friends Are waiting there You can't wait For love to come  It'll find you When something new's begun Victoria
The stars light up everyday Light up every night Light up every day They’re so bright I can see the light They are so All of us need to go My dear To go I wanted to see you there Oh, you were the one for me, where did you go? My love, where did you go? Oh it comes and goes Waiting for When it really starts to show You start to know Oh again we see again So many ways our lives can go Oh we die and die again The autumn starts on 3 and 4 You aught to know
Am i lazy 00:26
Carpets 03:10
I’ve got carpets on my wall now, honey Touch my body Feed me sugar And after everything is done We’ll still have the past Living in the basement Is all I ever wanter to do… .... Take your clothes off, Britt And walk around See a punk at the bus stop With his pants down You’re a little insect trapped inside a jar I’m a man on the phone who’s so Far far far So far far far
Porch outro 01:45


In March of this year, I decamped Brooklyn and moved upstate to Lake Champlain, where my great aunt and uncle’s old house rests on a bluff above the water. Situated in a tiny hamlet surrounded by farm country, the house is filled with remnants of Uncle Joe and Aunt Peggy’s lives – their library of novels, philosophy and religious texts, classical LPs and paintings, an old upright piano. Here, I feel the weight of city claustrophobia lifted.

In NYC, I had been scraping together a living by teaching after-school music classes to public school children and by playing saxophone every Sunday in a Nigerian evangelical church.

On Champlain, I can play music at any hour, without fear of disturbing the neighbors. I walk down the middle of Main Street at 10 p.m. without passing a soul. My girlfriend Dolly and I have become a part of the small town life, making friends with the proprietors of the several local businesses, coming to know the gossip - who has a grudge against whom, who’s slept with whom, and why a certain house has remained empty for years. With fewer people around, every life in sight becomes magnified.

Now, I’m happy to finally be releasing my second full-length album - I Was Electrocuted Seven Times and Now I Can See the Future. This music was finished more than two years ago, but I held out on releasing it for reasons that now seem irrelevant – my fear that its release would go unnoticed; my hope that in waiting I would find the means to guarantee it an audience. More time passed than I expected. With the world on quarantine pause, I realized it was time to release this album and move on.

I began the project with my friend Nick Hakim in the summer of 2015. Working out of his bedroom studio in Bed-Stuy, we experimented with sounds and layers - embracing the amateur aspects of our instrumental palettes so as to create something that was personal and off-kilter. Nick is a DIY auteur, and from him I learned a lot about recording alchemy and the creativity that can go into production. Even after a song is written, the arrangement and production style can take it into a variety of sonic worlds — we searched for the right ones.

The process stretched over several years as we tracked different versions of each song, and scratched some tunes entirely. While this was happening, Nick and I each moved in and out of various apartments and neighborhoods. Then Nick got busy, and he recommended I finish the project with Michael J Thomas III. Michael is a brilliant producer and multi-instrumentalist, who we both knew from music school in Boston. He worked out of the Velvet Nipple, a cave of a studio with walls lined with red velvet fabric. The studio was set back from a grimy street in Bushwick, below a noisy subway track. With Michael, the chaotically layered productions I had made with Nick were pared down and polished.

Some of the songs date to before 2015. They were composed in a variety of places - Lake Champlain, a balcony overlooking a valley in Minas Gerais, Brazil, the New Mexico desert, a windowless dungeon in Crown Heights.

I lived in that basement for a year. The wiring was faulty and I would frequently get shocked by little jolts of electricity…

The album is a time capsule of inspired moments from my twenties. It’s about lovers and places and changes. It represents my interest in bringing together disparate passions: a variety of genres of music, everything from Milton Nascimento to Debussy and the Beach Boys; Gabriel García Márquez novels and Bill Murray movies…

So much has changed for all of us. Sometimes I listen back to this record, and it feels like a lifetime ago. But I’m proud of it, because the songs are true and so is the effort we put into recording them. I hope you enjoy.

-- Jesse Scheinin, Essex, N.Y.

December 2020


released December 18, 2020

Produced by Jesse Scheinin, Nick Hakim & Michael J Thomas III
All songs by Jesse Scheinin, except "SSYNSS" & "Starts 2 Show" by Jesse & Nick

Jesse, vox, sax, clarinet, flute, piano, keyboards, percussion
Nick, guitar, vox, keyboards, bass, drums
Michael, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, sampling, vox
Meritxell Neddermann, piano, vox
Jake Sherman, piano
Kyle Miles, bass
Vishal Nayak, drums
Pablo Eluchans, drums
Alex Hargreaves, violin
Phoebe Hunt, violin
Ethan Philbrick, cello
Aaron Bahr, trumpet
Adrianne Lenker, vox
Andrew Sarlo, bass, additional production

Mixed and mastered by Michael J Thomas III
Engineered by Michael J Thomas III & Nick Hakim

Cover painting by Sacha Jane Brüyn


all rights reserved



Jesse and Forever Brooklyn, New York

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